Over twenty years ago when Young Living was founded, essential oils were not something many people had heard of.  Today, it seems essential oils are everywhere.  Unfortunately, so many brands that claim their oils are 100% pure are often diluted at best and contain synthetic chemicals or fragrances at worst.  Young Living’s essential oils are therapeutic grade, which means that the oils are pure and unadulterated.

Here are just a few of the reasons that I chose Young Living:

  • Young Living owns their own farms
  • Anyone can visit the farms and participate in the harvest and distillation process
  • Young Living’s Seed to Seal process
  • The support, community, and education that Young Living and my team provides makes joining Young Living an incredible, empowering experience

To show you just how important quality is for Young Living, here’s more about their Seed to Seal promise.

Young Living Seed to Seal Process Graphic



No matter how many times I have watched videos of YL’s Seed to Seal process, I am impressed all over again with the rigorous standards Young Living follows with every batch of oil.