Let’s talk about the Young Living business opportunity.  I admit that when I first joined Young Living I signed up with a wholesale account, not because I had any intention of turning this into a business but because I wanted to get my oils at the wholesale discount.  Because who wouldn’t do that?!  After using my oils for a while and seeing how effective they are, I started telling anyone who would listen about the amazingness of YL oils.  What finally opened my eyes to beginning my own Young Living business was hearing how one of my team’s leaders launched her business when she realized that she could continue working at her full-time job for the next twenty years with little room for advancement and even a loss of her paycheck if she had to take time off for an extended period of time – such as for caring for a sick parent.  It made me think…I had previously been laid off from a company after putting in eight years.  Gone are the days where loyalty is rewarded and you work for a company for twenty or thirty years.  But more importantly, I wanted a job that I found rewarding and that afforded me the freedom to live the life I want to live – pursuing my dreams.

So, how does Young Living’s business opportunity work?

  1. Sign up as a member with a wholesale account
  2. Share your love of oils with others and teach them how oils can make a difference in their life, just as they have in yours
  3. When you help someone sign up to be a member with a Premium Starter Kit you will earn a $25 starter kit bonus + 25% of their order PV (points value).  They will list you as their sponsor and enroller when they sign up.
  4. Make sure you are signed up for Essential Rewards so that not only are you earning free products, but the 50PV you spend each month on ER will qualify you for earning that thank you check from YL for any starter kit bonuses you earn.  *Note: to qualify for all commissions, you will need to spend 100PV per month.

So easy!

What are the benefits of starting your Young Living business?

  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Schedule flexibility – work when you want
  • Join and build a community focused on wellness, purpose, and abundance
  • Residual income that keeps earning for you even when you can’t work
  • Business building community to mentor and support you


Be sure to check out this great video Young Living put together about the business opportunity here.

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